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Welcome to Bali "Island of the Gods", named such for the Hindu dieties that protect and serve this beautiful island and its people. Bali sets itself apart from other destinations with its well-preserved culture and spirit; this is visible in all aspects of daily life. The people of Bali are warm and friendly, this is why so many people return again and again to Bali. Bali's considerable natural beauty soars from the volcanoes to the beaches. From the sculpted green rice terraces in Ubud, to the lake in the ancient caldera in Batur. From the lush rainforests and coffee plantations near Bedugul, to the incredible cliffs of Uluwatu. From the crashing surf of Bingin to the fascinating underwater world of Tulamben. From the cascading waterfalls of Gitgit to the top of sacred Mount Agung. This is Bali!

Bali is
The land of incredible spas: daily massages and ancient reflexology bring you back to life.
The land of spirituality and healing; yoga, meditation and swamis bring metaphysical balance.
The land of artists and ancient tradition; beautiful art, culture and history.
The land of peace and beauty; sunsets and quality time together bring back romance.
The land of diversity; tropical cocktails enjoyed with interesting people from all walks of life the world over.
The land of adventure and recreation; terrific sport, guides and conditions increase your stamina.
The land of unique local and western culinary talent: fabulous food and dining invigorate the senses.

Bali Ultimate Villas

We offer villas, boutique hotels, small resorts, estates and boats in Bali, Lombok, throughout Indonesia and Timor-Leste. We've seen hundreds of places and have narrowed down the offerings to suit our discerning clients.

We start your experience with the perfect accommodations, chosen to suit your preferences. Lap in the luxury and privacy of your own villa, with a complete staff for you and your guests. Or, revel in a boutique hotel surrounded with exquisite settings and personalized service. In a rustic estate, savour and unspoiled view of traditional Balinese beauty, or leave it all behind in a private yacht, sailing the islands in style. Perch on a remote mountaintop or beach, in peace and quiet. Whatever your preference, we set the stage for your experience in Bali.

Bali Ultimate Experiences

We believe that Bali and the surrounding archipelago are very special, and deserve to be experienced in an individualized way, so we've custom made travel with you in mind. With our "curated travel" we plan your holiday or adventure so you may pursue your passions. Relaxation and yoga, photography, sailing, the arts, surfing, golf, history, cooking and diving are only some of the itineraries we offer. We have painstakingly selected the best partners for each and every activity you can imagine in Bali. If you opt against our offered itineraries, you may still enjoy some of our terrific activities and meet some of our talented partners. Curated travel is your travel - select from scores of rewarding activities for your very own a la carte adventure. Bali and beyond, the Ultimate Experience awaits.

Bali Ultimate Weddings & Honeymoons

Every woman dreams of her wedding day…in paradise. Bali Ultimate Weddings will turn your wedding dreams into one of the most beautiful days of your life! We provide full service planning to take all the worries out of the process and to ensure your day is perfect down to the last detail. We find the balance of creating an event that is both the sacred joining together of lives, and the most fabulous party of your life. We take the stress out of the details so you can share this special time with the most important people in your life.

Whether you want a villa wedding, an intimate chapel blessing, a black tie dinner at a 5-star hotel, a celebration under the stars in a Balinese garden, sunset cocktails at a beach venue, a striking event at a chic restaurant or a special Balinese feast, Bali Ultimate Weddings will create the wedding of your lifetime!

Bali Ultimate Events & Parties

Bali Ultimate Events brings your vision to life in the form of a fabulous party, a smashing product launch or a well-detailed corporate function. Whether looking for a place to celebrate one of life's milestones or kick-off a new corporate product we will bring it all together for you. Assisting you from concept development to all the details that bring a function together. We are a full service group with partnerships with the best in the industry to guarantee flawless execution. We happily take on Commitment Ceremonies, product launches, Birthday parties, Corporate meetings, training seminars, team-building groups, Anniversary parties, fund raisers and group outings.

Bali Photo Safari

Bali Photo Safaris take you on a visual journey to be captured by your eye and your lens. Photo Safari is designed with the most discerning photographer in mind. Our agendas are designed to enjoy the most incredible venues and take advantage of the light while ensuring the maximum number of quality photos are captured. All while enjoying your time in Bali or the surrounding archipelago, and with new friends.

We have partnerships with some of the top talent in Asia, and are making new friends every day to bring you even more programs. Our photo guides are seasoned photographers and widely published and may tailor to just about any noted specialty - landscape, macro, cultural, underwater, photojournalism, and many more.

Bali Green Project

Bali, more than just a glorious travel destination.

Bali supports more than 3.1 milion residents and an estimated 5.4 milion travelers this year, alone. This proves to be tiring on the infrastucture and the precious natural resources of this beatiful island. For most people, this is a huge challenge: as we take planes, use automobiles and motor bikes, have/ buy/ export wood furniture and accessories, use plastic in bottles or bags, have swiming pools, eat imported foods, travel long distances and throw away all sorts of garbage and rubbish. Looking for innovative ways to meet these challenges is paramount, while being cognizant of the economic, social and cultural realities we face.

Join the project to preserve the islands natural resources by giving responsible hotels, tours, shops, organizations and individuals your business. Commit to being carbon neutral and make a differences in the world and Bali! Visit or live in Bali with more respect for the environment and the people, and help keep Bali beautiful for generations to come!

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